FCANA members have access to the lowest prices for Simple Cremation and Direct Burial in Northern Arizona.

Who We Are

FUNERAL CONSUMERS ALLIANCE OF NORTHERN ARIZONA (FCANA) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian volunteer organization dedicated to providing information to our neighbors and protecting their right to choose a simple, meaningful, economical and dignified funeral or memorial service.

So that our members can be well informed and prepared we provide:


  • Information and education regarding requirements and options in making after-death arrangements.

  • Consumer protection through education, legislation and action.

  • Forms to preplan your wishes regarding after-death arrangements.

  • Identification cards to carry in your wallet or purse.

  • Annual meetings to continue education.
  • Opportunities to meet other members and hear interesting speakers.
  • You can transfer to other FCA chapters when moving.
  • Learn about volunteering opportunities in FCANA. We can use YOU!


FUNERAL PRICES: Founded in Prescott in 1974, FCA of Northern Arizona periodically conducts a survey of local funeral costs for Simple Cremation and Direct Burial.  We also have agreements with cooperating mortuaries to provide low-cost services for our members. FCANA members have access to the lowest prices for Simple Cremation and Direct Burial in the area.  To get more information, please contact us.


We do NOT:


  • Provide funeral services.

  • Sell insurance.

  • Sell burial plots.

  • Sell prepayment plans (in fact, we discourage them.)


For more information about us or joining FCANA, please contact us.



As part of the Funeral Rule enforced by the Federal Trade Commission you have a legal right to price lists, price quotes by phone and the right to pick and choose goods and services you want and can afford.



FCA is recognized by the FTC as an unbiased source of funeral information for consumers.

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Northern Arizona
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